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What Is Banyan Tree?


You all know what is the importance of trees in the world. Knowing its importance today, the government spends large amounts of money to plant trees. Because the government also knows that if there is no tree then we are not. If there are no trees, we will not be able to get pure oxygen, we will not get rain, we will not be able to get shade, we will not be able to get medicines. There are many reasons like this, due to which we should plant trees and care for them. If we talk about India, then the whole world knows it as a tree, whereas India worships it as a god too. Trees have special importance in India, it is seen by connecting many trees to the Gods and Goddesses.

Do You Know What Is Banyan Tree?

what is Banyan Tree
When I did a little investigation, I came to know that about 800 people in the US search on Google every month what is banyan tree? On the other hand, if we talk about India, then people of Google India do not ask what are banyan trees? Because the people of India are well aware of the banyan tree.

The reason for this shows the importance of the people of India towards trees. Many trees of India are worshiped as Gods.

Well, apart from India, I want to tell my friends who belong to other countries that the banyan tree is a giant tree which is found in tropical and subtropical region. That is, it is found in some areas of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Florida.

The banyan tree is dicotyledonous and flowering. It is a giant tree. Its stem is hard and thick. Roots emerge from its branches and enter the ground, swinging down. And it takes the form of a pillar which is extremely rigid. Not one or two from the branches of the banyan, but remove many roots and enter the ground.

If we talk about Banyan leaf, then Banyan leaf Dargada is wide and oval. And on the leaves, there is also a decay formed on the leaves, as shown in the picture below.

As already stated, the banyan tree is a flowering tree, which means that the fruit of this tree is also important. Its fruit is circular and red in color. The seed is found inside it.

When we break the leaves from the branches of this tree, then a substance similar to milk comes out of it which is called latex acid.

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