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The Great Indian Banyan Tree

introduction About The Great Banyan Tree

You all know what is the importance of trees in the world. Knowing its importance today, the government spends large amounts of money to plant trees. Because the government also knows that if there is no tree then we are not. If there are no trees, we will not be able to get pure oxygen, we will not get rain, we will not be able to get shade, we will not be able to get medicines. There are many reasons like this, due to which we should plant trees and care for them.

If we talk about India, then the whole world knows it as a tree, whereas India worships it as a god too. Trees have special importance in India, it is seen by connecting many trees to the Gods and Goddesses.

The great Indian Banyan tree

What is Banyan Tree?

When I did a little investigation, I came to know that about 800 people in the US search on Google every month what is banyan tree? On the other hand, if we talk about India, then people of Google India do not ask what are banyan trees? Because the people of India are well aware of the banyan tree.

The reason for this shows the importance of the people of India towards trees. Many trees of India are worshiped as Gods.

Well, apart from India, I want to tell my friends who belong to other countries that the banyan tree is a giant tree which is found in tropical and subtropical region. That is, it is found in some areas of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Florida.

The banyan tree is dicotyledonous and flowering. It is a giant tree. Its stem is hard and thick. Roots emerge from its branches and enter the ground, swinging down. And it takes the form of a pillar which is extremely rigid. Not one or two from the branches of the banyan, but remove many roots and enter the ground.

If we talk about Banyan leaf, then Banyan leaf Dargada is wide and oval. And on the leaves, there is also a decay formed on the leaves, as shown in the picture below.

As already stated, the banyan tree is a flowering tree, which means that the fruit of this tree is also important. Its fruit is circular and red in color. The seed is found inside it.

When we break the leaves from the branches of this tree, then a substance similar to milk comes out of it which is called latex acid.

Scientific Name of the Banyan Tree

Banyan tree is a plant world tree. The banyan tree belongs to the Ficus lineage, from the Department of Magnoliphita, from the Magnoliopsida class, from the Urticales gana, from the Moraceae clan.
The scientific name of the Banyan tree is “Ficus Benghalensis”.

Name Of Banyan Tree in Different Languages

Banyan Tree In Sanskrit

वट वृक्ष, यम प्रिय,

Banyan Tree In Hindi

बरगद का पेड़ , वट वृक्ष,

Banyan Tree In Odia

ବାନିଆ ଗଛ |

Banyan Tree In Kannada

ಆಲದ ಮರ

Banyan Tree In Gujrati

વડ નું વૃક્ષ

Banyan Tree In Bangla


Banyan Tree In Telugu

మర్రి చెట్టు

Banyan Tree In Marathi

वडाचे झाड

the Great Banyan Tree in India at Kolkata

The world’s largest banyan tree is located on Howrah in Kolkata, India. The world’s largest tree is located in “Jagdish Chandra Bose Botanical Garden Kolkata”.

Looking at it from a distance it seems that it is a very big forest in itself. But upon coming close, we find that it is a very big Banyan Tree in itself.

In 1787, this tree was planted in Botanical Garden Kolkata. Then he was 17 to 18 years old. According to this, now its age is more than 250 years. This is very surprising news. It is the oldest banyan tree in the world.

Scientists believe that it is the widest banyan tree in the world. It is spread over about 18918 square meters. This tree is spread over about 5 (4.67) acres.

Looking at it from a distance it seems that it is a forest in itself. It is the world’s widest banyan tree. 10,000 people can get shelter under this tree.

As already mentioned it appears to be a forest in itself. Therefore, a total of 87 species of birds are found on this tree.

3277 jatas of this banyan tree have taken the form of roots and there are about 4000 roots that touch the ground. The circumference of this tree is 1.7 meters above the ground, which is about 16.5 meters. The circumference of this tree is about 486 meters.

Due to two cyclonic storms in 1884 and 1987, this tree stood but this tree suffered a lot. In 1925, due to some reason, the main trunk of this tree got fungus. For this reason the main trunk of this tree had to be cut down.

This tree has withstood two cyclonic storms, yet still stands by Shan. This is the great banyan tree.

Tourists are crowded in Jagdish Chandra Bose Botanical Garden Of Kolkata to see this great banyan tree. But let us tell you that during the tourist you are not allowed to go inside this tree. Because this environment is not taken care of by the tourists. And you have to face all kinds of dirty things.

The greatness of this tree does not end there. The tree has been named in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the tallest tree in the world.

Due to the greatness of this tree, the Government of India had also issued a stamp in its name in 1987.

The great Indian Banyan tree

Banyan Tree Is Indian National Tree

Indians have adopted the Banyan tree as a national emblem. Banyan tree is the national tree of Indians. And this tree has been adopted as a national symbol in 1950.
Bangladesh has adopted this tree as a national tree along with India.

Why is Banyan Tree Sacred in Indian culture?

In Indian culture, many trees are worshiped as God. Neem Peepal Amla, and Banyan are the main trees among them. Banyan tree is celebrated in Indian culture. Banyan trees are believed to reside in the Indian deity.
In Hindu tradition, a vow named “Vat Savitri” is kept by Indian wives for the success of their married life.

Can Banyan Tree Be Planted At Home?

Banyan tree should be grown in such places where there is enough space for this tree. Because when this tree grows, it covers a very large area. This tree can spread in an acre so it should be planted in a place where there is enough space for its nutrition. This tree should be planted in a place where there is proper arrangement of water.

Do not plant it near your home because its roots can cause problems for you. Its roots keep swinging from the branches, and the inner roots have the ability to rip off a rigid building.

Where Does The Banyan Tree Grow?

The tropical region is suitable for growing Banyan tree. The Banyan tree is a surplice so it gets nourishment and grows with the help of any other tree.
The Banyan tree is often seen in places where people prefer to visit less or in secluded places.
The Banyan tree is seen at old ruins. Banyan Tree is found on broken houses and at the crack of old house.

How Long Does it Take a Banyan Tree To Grow?

It is not just about Banyan tree, there are many reasons behind the growth of any tree such as air-conditioned weather, suitable places, water and soil, mineral salts etc. When all these elements are found in the appropriate amount, then the tree starts growing quickly.

Although all trees grow very quickly, but the banyan tree takes 12-14 months to grow.
And talking about the age of Banyan Tree, it can survive more than 250 years.

Uses of Fruits And Leaves of The Great Indian Banyan Tree

The fruit and flower of the banyan tree are used as medicines. Both banyan fruits and flowers provide strength in humans it creates semen. Different parts of this tree are used to treat infertility of women.

Banyan Tree Bonsai Full Information

As the name itself suggests, Bonsai is a Japanese word. Bonsai means a Japanese method of planting a plant. In the Bonsai method of planting the plant dwarf plants are planted. One can say that this plant is a dwarf form of a giant plant.
When we look outside, we find that we are walking among huge tree plants, but when we grow the exact form of the same tree or plant in the house in a small size, then we call it Bonsai. Bonsai is a Japanese method. In this way you can also apply bonsai of banyan.

According to Japanese scientists there are 13 methods of growing Bonsai plant which are as follows –
Straight tree bonsai
Multi stem tree bonsai
Slant bonsai
Broome Bonsai
Cascade Bonsai
Rocky bonsai
Tree group Bonsai
Wind Swept Bonsai
Waving bonsai
Two stem tree bonsai
Open-root tree bonsai
Ikada Tree Bonsai
Sinus bonsai

Benefits of growing Bonsai plant
Bonsai has many advantages for growing plants, some of which are as follows-

The advantage of growing Bonsai plant is that we can grow it anywhere in the world. Because it is small in size. And if we need suitable soil for that bonsai plant, then we need less amount of soil that we can supply.

The biggest advantage of growing a bonsai plant is that by applying it at home, the beauty of the house increases.

By growing a bonsai plant, one can see the largest form of a tree at home.

It is a hybrid form of a plant because of this there is less chance of insects in Bonsai.

Many Bonsai plants also give fruits, so we can also grow many such fruits at home which cannot be grown in our region.

The Bonsai plant can also be made a garden at home and the plant planted in this garden can be used as a laboratory.

The great Indian Banyan tree Bonsai

Banyan Tree Story

Once a policeman was returning home after night duty. He had a posting in another city. On the way home, there was a huge banyan tree on the way. The banyan tree was very big. The roots of that tree were hanging from the tree. The tree looked more nightmarish.

While walking the path, the police experienced some frightening sound. The sound was coming from the same The Great Indian banyan tree.

When the police looked closely, it appeared that a witch vomited on the tree. The policeman was courageous and bold so did not get scared a bit.

The witch had big eyes, big teeth, the witch was wearing dirty fair clothes. It seemed that the witch had not bathed for years.

The witch came slowly to the police and said that if I do not do one thing, then I will kill you. The police had to do that work forcefully.

The witch said that take this black thread and wear it, the police did the same. The witch said that with the help of this black thread you can enter inside a peepal tree.

After entering inside the tree, you will see 4 rooms there. In the first room you will see an art dog, it will turn you around but don’t be afraid. And in the same room a lot of silver coins will be found. You come to those coins.

On entering the other room you will see a scary badge. You will find lots of gold coins in that room.

In the third room you will find a vulture that will try to kill you. But don’t be afraid. You will find lots of diamonds in that room.

And in the fourth room you will find a box that you have to bring and give me.

The police did the same. On going to the first room, he sees a scary dog, he barks at him but the police is not afraid. He picks up a lot of silver coins from him.

After going to the next room, he sees a creepy badge. The police comes from that room with lots of gold coins.

In the third room, he finds a vulture who tries to kill the policeman. But somehow the police bring a lot of diamonds from that room.

After entering the fourth room, he sees a glowing box. The police brings him with him.

After ejecting Peepal from inside, the witch asks the police for the box.
The police asked what would you do with this box?

The witch said that there are many evil souls in this box who will liberate them. Those evil spirits will kill all the people in the world.

The police somehow runs away and puts that compartment in the sacrificial fire. In this way all evil spirits were imprisoned forever. And the world survived their terror.

The police happily went to his house.

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