Home Devotional Did you know that Ravana was defeated by 4 more Warriors besides Ram?

Did you know that Ravana was defeated by 4 more Warriors besides Ram?

Did you know that Ravana was defeated by 4 more Warriors besides Ram?
Did you know that Ravana was defeated by 4 more people besides Ram?

Everyone will know about Ravana, there is no big deal in this. But Ravana’s image emerges as a villain in people’s minds. And this fact is also true to a great extent, but it is not completely true.

Ravana steals Sita ji, which has always been a cowardly act in our eyes. And this incident is definitely condemnable.
Many more hateful allegations can be made against Ravana, which is also very likely to be true.

But apart from all this, Ravana had many such qualities that make Ravana great.

Some of the facts in those greatness are such as –

  1. High noble – King Ravana belonged to a good clan. Ravana was from a Brahmin clan.
  2. Knowledgeable man – Ravana was a high class as well as a knowledgeable human being. Ravana belonged to a Brahmin society, so he had a strong hold on the knowledge of Ved Purana etc.
  3. Powerful – Ravana was a powerful and knowledgeable human being as well as a powerful person. Great warriors also bowed their heads in front of Ravana. Ravana was so powerful that even Indra, the king of the gods, could not stand before him.
  4. Successful King – Ravana was a knowledgeable force as well as a good king. All the people in Ravana’s kingdom were happy in Ravana’s kingdom yesterday. The people of his kingdom respected Ravana.
  5. A wealthy king – Ravana was a successful king, so Ravana had conquered many kingdoms. Hence Ravana had infinite wealth.You would know that Ravana’s kingdom was made of gold. And it was also called Golden Lanka.

Ideal Person – When Mother Sita had stolen by Ravana. Ravana kept Sita Mata in the Ashok Vatika after the theft.

Even after Ravana kept Sita Mata as a prisoner, Ravana never tried to disobey Sita.

As you have already been told that Ravana was an elite, knowledgeable and powerful, and was a man of many great things.

Ravana was a powerful man, but you would be surprised to know that there is not only one Rama who defeats Ravana. Apart from Rama, Ravana was defeated by 4 more people. The names of 4 people who defeated Ravana are as follows –

  1. Baali – King Baali was a great warrior, having belonged to the Vanar clan. Baali had got a boon that even during the war, he would see in his eyes that the force of this warrior would be found.

Once upon a time, Ravana challenged Bali to battle. Bali got so angry that he held Ravana with his arms and revolved around the 7 seas. After that Bali took a bath and then offered water to the Sun God. Even after praying thousands time, Bali did not free Ravana. Only after worshiping did Bali liberate Ravana from his arms.
After that Ravana befriended Bali.

2. Sahastra Bahu Arjuna – Once Ravana challenged Sahastra Bahu Arjun to battle. Then Sahastra Bahu with his thousands of hands intercepted the waters of the sea and threw at Ravana’s army. The entire army of Ravana was swept away with water.

3. Raja Bali – The name of King Bali is also included in the brave warriors who defeated Ravana. King Bali was the king of Underworld.

Ravana, in his pride, went to King Bali to fight with King Bali. At that time, the children playing in the palace of King Bali had taken Ravana captive. Thus there is also defeat of Ravana.

4. Adiyogi Mahashiva – Finally we will talk about Lord Shiva himself who defeated Ravana easily.

Once Lord Shiva was engrossed in his meditation, then Ravana challenged Shiva to battle. Even after trying a million, Shivji ji did not wake up from his meditation

Then Ravana figured out a way to awaken Shiva. Ravana tried to lift Mount Kailash with his muscle power. As Ravana puts his hands under the mountain.

Shiva ji wakes up and puts one of his feet on Kailash.One leg of Shivji has so much power that Ravana’s hand gets stuck in the mountain. Ravana starts to feel pain.

Even after trying a million, Ravana does not know to free his hands. Therefore, in order to please Shiva, Ravana composes the Shiva Tandava Stotra at the same time.

Seeing this kind of knowledge of Ravana, Shivji frees Ravana’s hands from the mountain. Since then Ravana becomes one of the biggest devotee of Shiva.

So in this post you read that besides Sri Ramji, 4 warriors defeated Ravana


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