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Top 5 Best 4g Mobile Phone Under 5000 In India

Top 5 Best 4g Mobile Phone Under 5000 In India
Top 5 Best Budget 4g Mobile Phone Under 5000 In India

In this post we will talk about “Top 5 Best Budget 4g Mobile Phone Under 5000 In India”. This phone should be within your budget. A phone that you can easily afford.

Nowadays time is such that if your phone does not have a sim of Jio, then your phone is empty box. I mean to say that whatever phone you have, 4g Network Support should be done in it.

Personally, I would like to advise you that you can take a very good phone in 7000 by increasing your budget slightly.

But still you want to take such a phone within 5000 thousand which has 4g Network Connection Support, then this post is for you. Before finishing this post, I will tell you about 7 great phones. And that 7 mobile phone will be in your budget as well and all its features will also be present.

So let’s start this wonderful post –

Swipe Ellite 2 Plus (Best Budget phone Under 5000)

The name of swipe Ellite 2 Plus comes first in this post. As I have already told you that this phone supports 4g Network Connectivity and works with dual SIM card.

Power of this phone
Also, Android Lollipop 5.1 operating system is installed in this phone. The Swipe Ellite 2 Plus phone has a quad core processor. The click speed of this phone is 1.5 GHz which is more than enough. With this phone having a good processor, you can take advantage of multitasking. Of course, this phone comes with Touch Screen Features.

ram & Rom – Swipe Ellite 2 Plus Mobile Phone has 1 Gb Ram. And there is 8 GB Rom. This phone supports expandable memory of 32 GB.

If you talk about the battery life of this phone, then  the swipe Ellite 2 Plus 4g Smartphone battery it Comes with 2500 mAh Battery.

Other features of this phone include a 5-inch display. The resolution of this phone is 854 × 480. This phone has a 5MP rear camera and a 2MP font camera.

These are the main features of this phone, apart from this, all the common features are present in this phone. Such as audio, video, sound recorder, FM, Bluetooth, Internet etc.

Nokia 1 (Warm Red)

It is known from the name that this mobile phone belongs to a very good company. Therefore, this phone can give you slightly less performance according to the rate. Still according to your 5000 budget this phone is good. Because this is 4g smartphone in your budget.

Processor And Speed

The operating systems of Android Oreo 8 work in this phone. Also, this mobile phone with mediatek quad core processor makes your performance speed fast. If you talk about its speed, then its speed is 1.1 GHz.

This is about the RAM and ROM of this mobile phone, the RAM of this phone is 1 GB and the ROM is 8 GB, which is the average in all smartphones. This phone is sufficient for a cheap budget. Also, a dedicated slot has been given for dual SIM card and memory.

The RAM, ROM speed and operating systems of this mobile phone, the processor is fine, but if you talk about the battery backup of this phone, then this phone battery life can disappoint you a bit. Because the battery backup of this phone is only 2140mAh.

Display Quality of this phone contains 4.5 inches and the resolution of this is 854×480.

If I tell the truth, according to Modern Age, the camera quality of this mobile phone is not good. Because in this phone you have 5 MP rear camera and 2 MP font camera. In today’s era, it is natural for all phones to have a minimum 13MP rear camera. In this case, this phone may disappoint you.

Apart from this, this mobile phone has all the features such as audio video, sound recorder, FM radio, etc. If you talk about a budget mobile phone within 5000, then this phone is below average.
Nokia also offers a 1-year manufacturer warranty for this phone.

XOLO Era 4X Mobile (Best Budget Phone Under 5000)

If you talk about this phone then it is the best budget phone. Because this phone has some features that are in an expensive phone.

Like this phone has memory in 2 GB RAM and 16 GB ROM. Which are in a good expensive mobile phone. And the XOLO Era 4X Mobile Phone supports 32 GB expandable memory. Also, this phone also has a dedicated slot for two SIMs and one memory.

If you compare it with the mobile phone mentioned above, then this mobile phone is a very good phone.

Android Oreo 8 Version operating systems is installed on xOLO Era 4X Mobile Phone. The quad core processor works in this mobile phone. The click speed of this phone is 1.5 GHz.

xOLO Era 4X Mobile Phone’s processor RAM and speed are going to improve your gaming experience too. The battery backup of this phone is 3000mAh. This mobile phone is the best in a very low price.

Talking about xOLO Era 4X mobile phone display, its display is 5.45 inch HD + display as well as its resolution is 1440 × 720. Therefore, you will not face any problem while watching videos in this phone. This is Fully Budget phone.

It is very good to have an 8 MP rear camera and 5 MP font camera in a cheap budget mobile phone. Also, LED flash light has also been provided for video recording or photography at night.

Apart from this, there are a lot of features in this phone that are in a normal phone. And on Flipkart it has got a good rating of 4.1.

Homtom H3 (4g Mobile Phone Under 5000)

If you talk about overall performance, then this phone is probably going to be the best mobile phone on this list.

This phone works with Android’s Oreo 8.1 version operating system. This mobile phone has a MediaTek quad core processoer. The speed of this phone is 1.3 GHz.

The greatness of this phone is not over yet, this phone has 3 GB RAM. Yes you heard right that this phone has 3 GB. And 32 GB ROM, yes you heard right again this phone has 32 GB ROM. Therefore you can enjoy gaming on this mobile phone to the fullest.

Talking about the camera quality of homtom H3 mobile phone, it has a 13MP rear camera and an 8MP font camera. Which makes your photography environment better.

The display of homtom H3 mobile is 5.5 inches. And its resolution is 1440 × 720. Meaning HD Quality can be availed. Battery backup of this mobile phone is also good. There is a battery backup of about 3500 mAh. It is a big thing to have so much battery backup in low-cost phones.

This phone box comes with a handset, charger, data cable, and headphones. All other features of this phone are also good.

Panasonic P85 NXT (GOLD 2GB RAM AND 16GB ROM)

This mobile phone is the best within your budget. Android Nougat V7.0 version of Android works in this mobile phone. This phone of Panasonic P85 NXT uses Qualcomm Snapdragon processor which makes your multitasking easy.

This mobile phone is available in Black Blue and Golden Color. This phone is available in 3 colors, of which the golden color has a good look, and you might like it.

Ram Rom And Memory Of this Phone

If we talk about the RAM of this phone, then this phone has 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of ROM. Due to having 2 GB of RAM, you can enjoy free fire game. And some big size games can also be played. You can use ROM to store your special data. It is a very good thing to have 2 GB of RAM in a cheap smartphone. If you want, you can expand the memory of this phone up to 128 GB.

Above we have talked about processor, RAM and ROM. Now I want to tell further about the battery backup of this phone, the battery backup of this phone is 4000 mAh. Battery life is also very good.

The panasonic P85 NXT mobile phone has an 8MP rear camera and a 5MP font camera. In terms of camera too, this phone challenges a good and expensive mobile phone. The phone’s display is also very good.and the phone’s displays is 5 inch. This phone has a HD display of 720 × 1280 resolution. Which is able to show you clean quality video.

The panasonic P85 NXT “is a 4g smartphone. This phone supports dual SIM and also has a dedicated slot for memory slots. This phone already has Chrome Browser installed. This phone will be easy to use.

You will also get to see LED flash light in this phone. This phone has Bluetooth of v4.1 version which will be useful during file transfer.

Apart from this, all the functions that will be seen in this phone are found in an average smartphone.
Inthis post you read about the top 5 best budget mobile phone under 5000 in india

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Top 5 best budget mobile phone under 5000 in india