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Best 3Gb Ram Mobile Phone Under 10000 In India 2020 । 3Gb Ram Mobile Under Your Budget

In this post, we will give information about the best 3GB RAM mobile phone under 10000 in India. What are the phones in India that have 3 GB of RAM within 10000. With 3 GB RAM, you will also know how the other features of that phone are? There are 7 phones in this “Best 3GB RAM Mobile Phone Under 10000 in India” list, these are the names of those phones –

  1. Realme Narzo 10A (3Gb, 32Gb) Blue, Black
  2. Panasonic Eluga Ray 610 (3Gb, 32Gb) Black
  3. Panasonic Eluga I8 (Charcol Black)
  4. Redmi 8A (3gb, 32Gb) 5000mAh
  5. Realme 3 (Diamond Red, 3gb, 32gb)
  6. Realme C3 (Frozen Blue, Black 3gb, 32gb)
  7. InFocus Turbo 5S (3gb, 32gb) 4000mAh

Before buying any smartphone, you should know all its features well, so that you do not have to regret later. I would like to advise you to consider 3 GB RAM along with other features such as mobile processor, camera, ROM, battery, SIM and memory slot, fingerprint sensor, face unlock, display, glass guard, etc. Only then take a mobile. So let’s start this post.

Realme Narzo 10A (3Gb, 32Gb)

Realme Narzo 10A Best 3Gb Ram Mobile Phone Under 10000 In India 2020

This mobile phone is great in your budget. The look of this mobile is the best. This mobile is available in blue and white color. Most people choose white color only.

Realme Narzo 10A OS/Processor

It works on the mobile Android operating system. Due to being an Android smartphone, you can use many features, enjoy many apps.

As you all know that before buying a mobile, the processor is first seen. This mobile phone has a strong MediaTek processor. This phone has a “Mediatek Helio G70 AI” processor. The Mediatek Helio G70 AI works better than many Snapdragon processors. And during multitasking you don’t have problems.

Due to the good processor in realme Narzo 10A mobile phone, its speed is also good. Realme Narzo 10A has a 2.0GHz processor, which helps you to process your data quickly. These features will help you a lot while playing the game. Your phone becomes smooth.

Ram And Rom

realme Narzo 10A has 3 GB RAM. This feature of this mobile is very good that it has 3 GB of RAM. Due to the 3 GB RAM, you can also install a large size game. In this phone, you can enjoy games like pubg and free fire.


This phone has 3GB RAM and 2.0GHz processor perfect combination, which makes your gaming easier.

Apart from having good RAM, this mobile has a 32 GB ROM. Due to the 32 GB ROM, you will not have to install a separate memory card. However, if you need to expand the memory card, then you can expand this phone up to 256 GB.

Battery Backup

We read about the processor RAM and ROM, speed of this phone. Now let’s talk about that hardware part that is very important for every mobile. Yes we are talking about battery backup. Realme Narzo 10A offers a great battery backup of 5000MAh. I have used this phone myself, this mobile phone is the best in terms of battery. If you go to school, college or office, once charging this phone, there is no need to charge for at least 3 days.

Camera And Other Features

The camera quality of this phone is also good. This phone has a 12 MP + 2 MP + 2 MP rear camera and a 5 MP font camera. Due to having various cameras, your photography experience is going to be the best.
Display size 6.5 inches. Whether it be watching movies, playing games, or reading, the large Mini-drop Fullscreen offers a large field of vision, ensuring that you get an immersive visual experience.

Apart from this, talking about the security system of this mobile phone, it also has a fingerprint sensor. The response time of its fingerprint sensor is 0.28 seconds. Meaning, this mobile identifies your fingerprint very quickly. Apart from this, the face unlock system of this phone is also present.

This phone also has a dedicated slot for dual SIM cards and memory cards.

This mobile phone performs well in your budget. Click Here To Know More


Panasonic Eluga Ray 610 (3Gb, 32Gb)

Panasonic Eluga Ray 610 Best 3Gb Ram Mobile Phone Under 10000 In India 2020

panasonic Eluga Ray Mobile is also included in the list of Best 3GB RAM Mobile Under 10000. This mobile may be your favorite mobile in the range of 10000. It has some features that you will like very much. Above we have read about Realme Narzo 10A Mobile. It is good in some cases from Narzo 10A and also bad in some cases.

In this post we will discuss about the Panasonic Eluga Ray 610 and also compare Panasonic Eluga Ray with Narzo 10A.

The product is of good quality. The operating system of Android works on Panasonic Eluga Ray’s phone. This mobile phone has a dedicated slot for using dual SIM cards and memory cards. Let us know that in both slots you can use 4g sim.

Processor/OS/Ram and Rom

The panasonic Eluga Ray 610 works with the MediaTek Helio P22 octa core processor. In this, you get to see powerful processor of octa core processor. The processor of this phone is good. If you talk about speed, then the clock time of both mobiles is same. Both mobiles perform equally in terms of speed. The clock speed of both mobiles is 2.0GHz. But the Panasonic Eluga Ray 610 also gets a different function, the Panasonic Eluga Ray 610 has a secondary clock speed system. The Panasonic Eluga Ray 610 has a secondary clock speed of 1.5GHz.

As you know that in this post we are discussing about the best 3GB RAM mobile under 10000 in India. So of course this mobile also has 3 GB RAM. There is only 32 GB ROM with 3 GB RAM. During the comparison, if we know about the expandable memory card of Panasonic Eluga Ray 610, then we can expand this mobile up to 512 GB.

Due to the good processor and RAM of both mobiles, you can easily play games like PUBG and Free Fire in both mobiles.

Battery/Camera/ And Other Features

When it comes to battery, the Narzo 10A has a battery life of 5000Mah while the Panasonic Eluga Ray 610 has a battery life of 4010 mAh. In this case this mobile loses. Narzo’s battery is a better battery.


After that, talk about its camera features Panasonic Eluga Ray 610 has 13MP + 2MP + 2MP rear camera. And there is also a 13 MP front camera.

The front camera is 5MP in the Narzo 10A while the front camera is 13MP in the Panasonic Eluga Ray 610. Panasonic Eluga Ray 610 is better in terms of camera. If you are fond of selfies, then you can choose the Panasonic Eluga Ray 610.

Realme C3 (3Gb, 32Gb)

This phone is very good in terms of rate and performance. You will get this phone for about 9000 rupees. This phone is available in Frozen Blue and Frozen Black color.


Of course, this phone works on Android 10 operating system. Yes, this phone does not need to be updated for Android 10. You do not need to wait for the new version, already Android 10 features will be present in it.

The Helio G70 Processor works in this mobile phone. The Helio G70 Processor is considered a very good processor. It also has an octa core processor. The speed of this processor is also good. The primary clock speed of this mobile phone is 2.5 GHz and the secondary clock speed is 1.7GHz. This phone also provides good service during multitasking.

Ram And Rom

As you know, in this post we are discussing about “Best 3GB RAM Mobile Under 10000 in India”. This phone has 3 GB RAM and 32 GB ROM. Apart from this, if you want to expand the external memory of this mobile then you can do that too. You can expand the external memory up to 256 GB in this phone.

You can use two 4g sim and one memory card simultaneously in Realme C3 (3Gb, 32Gb). For this, a dedicated slot in mobile is also provided.


Camera And Display

This phone is also strong in terms of camera. This phone has 2 rear cameras one 12 MP and the other 2 MP. This phone has a 5MP font camera as the font camera. Due to having two rear cameras, it would be nice to give a blur effect in your photo.

realme C3 (3Gb, 32Gb) has HD + display. Also, the display size of this phone is 6.52 inches. The resolution of this phone is 720 × 1600. This phone also has a GPU. The GPU name is Mali G52. Overall, you will enjoy watching movies in this phone. Also, this mobile has Gorilla Glass available.

Battery And Other Features

Now, let’s talk about the battery life of this phone. This mobile phone has a powerful battery of 5000Mah, with the help of which you can work in your mobile for a long time. If you go to school, college or office, then you do not need to charge for at least 3 days.

Apart from this, reverse charging system is also in this phone. This is also possible if you want to charge another phone or powerbank with the help of this phone.

Apart from this, talk about all the other features of this phone, it is also the best. You get this phone for about 8999 rupees, but if you increase your budget a bit, then in 9999 you will get this phone with 4 GB RAM and 64 GB ROM . it also has similar features.

This mobile has got good ratings from Flipkart. And good comments have also been received. In terms of performance, this phone is tremendous.

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